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Experienced California Disability Retirement Attorneys

The experienced attorneys at the Law Firm of Cantrell Green have filed hundreds of successful disability retirement applications & appeals for public employees in California. We have obtained millions of dollars in disability retirement benefits for our clients.

Other firms charge thousands of dollars up front to help you obtain your benefits (win or lose).  Our office has a very small, non-refundable, retainer fee of $750 (in most cases that begin at the application level) and our contingency fee for a successful outcome is among the lowest in California.

If you are a Teacher, Police Officer, Firefighter, Corrections Officer, Administrator or other Public Employee and you would like to apply for disability retirement – or appeal a disability retirement denial – our law firm is here to help you.

To ensure that you receive the disability retirement benefits that you deserve, let our experienced disability lawyers help you from the start. We can help you avoid a denial or delay in collecting disability retirement benefits that you deserve.

And, if you have already applied for disability retirement and have been denied, our attorneys can handle the demanding process of filing an appeal – so that you obtain the maximum retirement disability benefits for which you qualify, as soon as possible.




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